Excellent work Michel.

Sadly, as Reiner Fuellmich has discovered, there are not real lawmen on the planet. Though the evidence is abundant, our criminal justice system is in on the scam. The courts are as corrupt as the legislative and executive branches.

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To save lives, all of entire medical complex must be eradicated. By far, it murders more patients than it could ever possibly save.

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Dear Michel:

The only so called Science involved with covid-19 is political. Totally ignoring the MSM now after the death of at least two pals of mine after being poisoned by their bio-weapon.

Deo Vindice!

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I 100% agree with you, but, the problem is, ALL of the new vaccines contain the same ingredients. Check out Modernas current "pipeline". Its horrifying. Look what they are about to release, ALL mRna: https://www.modernatx.com/research/product-pipeline

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What happens in abusive relationships is what’s happening in the world now. The goal of the abuse cycle is for the target [abused] to comply, and maintain extraordinary loyalty to the abuser while remaining in the abuse system. Meredith Miller provides tremendous insight into techniques strategically deployed by tyrants during the convid scamdemic and their next steps. https://www.ourgreaterdestiny.ca/p/psychoneuralspiritual-state-of-captivity

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It would appear that the scamdemic, the lockdowns, and jab were part of a DOD counterinsurgency operation embraced by the US, Russia, China, Latin America and many developing countries. The reason for this is that although the ruling elite dislike each other and compete over resources they really despise the proles. And that's why they're in full agreement over establishing a worldwide biosecurity surveillance state to repress the outraged billions.

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The planet is under military rule hence this maxim of law applies: Inter arma enim silent leges. For among arms, the laws are silent.

Maxim is an established principle or proposition. A principle of law universally admitted, as being just and consonant with reason. 2. Maxims in law are somewhat like axioms in geometry. 1 Bl. Com. 68. They are principles and authorities, and part of the general customs or common law of the land; and are of the same strength as acts of parliament, when the judges have determined what is a maxim; which belongs to the judges and not the jury. https://famguardian.org/Publications/BouvierMaximsOfLaw/BouviersMaximsOfLaw.pdf

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The best work done on Covid Vaccine deaths has been done by Denis Rancourt (on Substack).


More importantly and urgently it is time to unravel the totalitarian tyranny of the Medical/Pharma/government which enslaves us all.

The science of virology is a century long hoax, which overwhelms people with fear of an invisible evil agent, either germ or virus. The virus is Satan, and we must look to the priesthood of Medicine/Pharmacology and Government to protect us from this curse. It is a hoax.

Please read Dr. Mark Bailey's Farewell to Virology, or watch his and hsi wife's countless interviews and videos at drsambailey.com, or see the work of Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and many many others. Let us be free of fear and free to live our own lives, as we choose.


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A wonderful opportunity is how I define covid lies.

How else will the complicit and apathetic wake up? Courageous and rational thought was ignored so now the catastrophe will do it. How did the West take over one’s innate agency and responsibility ? We know how. The point is its now the time to take it back. Still trust your government, no problem, here’s a mask and go get boosted. Maybe you’ll figure it out next time around.

Great work Professor!! Thank you very much!!

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Nice job. The COVID-19 vaccines were a business opportunity hastily designed using unproven mRNA technology against a virus that was man-made and designed, in my humble opinion, for nefarious purposes. People must wake up to what the WHO has planned for the West. Read my Sustack article on what may come to pass in the US if not thwarted.


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Too many people (including the author) don't seem to realize the gravity of this statement: "propaganda...has created a mindset that truth cannot enlighten.” The vast majority of the population are completely and hopelessly brainwashed. Moreover, the CDC's own data indicates that the vax targets those who are already suffering from a number of comorbidities These are people who are already under the spell of Big Pharma and a suicidal western culture.

Fasting may be a great way to reset one's immune response, but for those who have been gorging themselves on processed crap their entire life, it's also going to make them sick. 100 years ago, a man could fast for two or three weeks with no real damage to their mind or body. Today, a ten day fast could easily poison you to death if you still eat processed crap from corporate Amerika.

There are some parts of the US where just about everyone is on anti-depressant or anti-psychotic medications. I can't count how many doctors have prescribed painkillers for me. The last one told me that I would have to remain on them for the rest of my life. They should all be sued for malpractice and disbarred for life.


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That is much, much more than criminal.

After that should come the implanted chips, mind control and the like.

See e.g.

The Georgia Guidestones


(Senile Joe) Biden Says U.S. Must Lead New World Order:




They now want to realize an old plan, the Satans.

Humans can never & under absolutely no circumstances want to do such a thing, because they have a completely different consciousness/ souls (wishes/ ideas, etc.)

I post something written before/ for others, concerning Ukraine war:

This war is senseless only for the normal people.

For the satanic, wannabe builders of the New World Order (see https://stopworldcontrol.com/) but a NEEDED step to smash the sovereign states (who reject the NWO) Russia (China etc.).

Russians are to be only weakened by the misused Ukro-Nazis, so that NATO has it afterward easier to smash Russia.

Gigantically they got it wrong, the wretched ones (Russia is not the Middle East), and therefore they will be totally DESTROYED by Putin, Xi & Co.

After that, the First-mentioned will also perish, because the time is no longer near, but expired.

The time was "near" ca. 2000 years ago: Mark 1: 15. Now it has come, and this corrupted world will be completely DESTROYED.

Good souls, no matter what country they live in, have nothing to fear & will not be sad.

The rest, the VERMIN, will be totally EXTERMINATED; incl. ALL liars.

The Second Death is the Eternal Death: Revelation 20:14 & 21:8 = The EXTERMINATION of the Soul.

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Kevin Flaherty of Cryptogon observed awhile back: "Those of us who understand 'Covid-19' and The Lethal Injections are nothing but a scam designed to profit from pre-meditated mass murder." This is a crime so monstrous even if the average human being wasn't completely entranced by the lying mainstream narrative, they couldn't accept it: If this isn't demonic, then it is certainly Satanic.

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ty for the free book and all your valuable insight research & work.

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I remember watching videos of Rothchild/Rockefeller yrs. ago where they were Planning to bring a 1-World Govt./Military/Currency/Religion! The pattern just went slowly & then began to accelerate to where we are, now. They want those of us left to be: Obeying Robots!

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The sooner the better, I totally agree!

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