Interesting how all the financial institutions who funded Hitler's rise to power are the same proponents of The Great Reset also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It's also fascinating how international financiers and banksters can ingeniously "rebrand fascism" in every generation.🤔

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Michel, Thankyou for this post. This is a topic which is of considerable interest to me, and has been for some time. This is where any number of the driving forces of history--international banking/finance, revolution, geopolitics, nationalism, economic instability, global war, and political ideology to name a few--intersect. An article I penned a few years back will provide more detail as to why this post immediately captured my attention. See below.

A couple of things worth mentioning. The article in question was inspired by Guido Preparata’s seminal 2008 book “Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich”. Interested readers herein not familiar with Preparata’s work should I believe make every effort to rectify that. It had a profound impact on my own understanding of World War 2 in general, and the Nazis role therein in particular.

Readers should also note that Preparata has just released a revised, updated edition of his work, now retitled “Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich and Destroyed Europe”. I have interviewed Guido twice now, and his contribution to our understanding of 20th Century history--and the role played by the aforementioned forces in particular--cannot in my humble be overstated. Best to all. Greg MAYBURY. 👀👇🙏👍


There can be little doubt about both Britain and America’s contribution to the Great War to End all War’s sequel, any more so than it was largely Great Britain’s—not Germany’s—responsibility for initiating the earlier conflagration. I’ve often wondered whether some Freudian slip might not have been at play in the mind of the person who declared the First World War “Great”, as it was after all essentially Great Britain’s War, albeit aided and abetted by France and Russia, and later the US! (As to what was going through the mind of the person who declared the Second World War the “Good War”, one can only speculate. But I digress!…)

The quote immediately below by Guido Preparata—the author whose book it was that largely inspired this essay (below)—sets the stage for what’s to follow in this outing. If this does not resonate with the contemporary Zeitgeist, you're not paying attention! Take a dive down the Memory Hole with your humble. I can assure you all, one rarely returns empty handed from that fabled repository of the buried truth of mankind’s darkest, most malevolent endeavours. If one is looking hard enough that is.

.‘…[In] such trying games of conquest, results might never be expected to take shape quickly…Imperial stratagems are protracted affairs. The captains of world aggression measure their achievements…on a timescale whose unit is the generation. It’s within such a frame that the incubation of Nazism should be gauged: it was a long and elaborate plan to eliminate the possibility of German hegemony over the continent. And the stewards of the empire took their time.’

👉📝 ARTICLE: From Great Wars, Come Great Consequences: The Captains of World Aggression. ©️ 2017, by Greg Maybury (Inspired by Guido Preparata’s Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich*.)




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Hitler's 4th Reich Connections between Hitler's 4th Reich, Nuremberg 2.0 & Covid Plannedemic https://4threich.com

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and so was the russian revolution. and the people thought they were rid of the czar and would be so much better of, and then millions of them were executed, robbed, and the rest died from starvation.

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All Wars Are Bankers Wars...All Plandemics Are Financiers Plandemics

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This rings lots of bells:

“……“On January 4th, 1932, a meeting was held between British financier Montagu Norman (Governor of the Bank of England), Adolf Hitler and Franz Von Papen (who became Chancellor a few months later in May 1932) At this meeting, an agreement on the financing of theNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP or Nazi Party) was reached. This meeting was also attended by US policy-makers and the Dulles brothers, something which their biographers do not like to mention…”

What bells? Like Saddam, Osama Bin Laden…Hitler was first sponsored and enabled by the murky U.S. secret “security” apparatus, then later the U.S. declares them to be a problem. The solution to the problem: U.S. military invasion an occupation

In this particular case, the U.S. military occupation of Europe is still ongoing 70 years later. Hundreds of U.S. military bases and several hundred thousand US troops stationed in Europe - 70 years after “solving” the Hilter problem they helped create?

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Than, the eugenists wanted to kill one race, than the world woke up to the insanity and thought a heavy lesson to those who tried to exterminate a people in the name of their supposed superiority, now the exact same thing is happening again, the colonialist eugenists trying to justify and normalize fascism and genocide, while the world is waking up to the horror governing it, and saying no!

Time to take down those new nazis which call them selfs zionists.


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This article has been dredged from 2016 Fort Russ (now defunct) and translated from original source


which in turn cites original article


it is nothing but atrocity propaganda

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• On The Accusation That Hitler Was Financed By Jews


• On The Accusation That Hitler Created Israel


• How Hitler defied the bankers


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Thank you so much for posting this information - I will post it to my website after Thanksgiving - a perfect Black Friday gift to my readers

Much of this has been known through the research done by heroic American, Antony Sutton, in his excellent books


most are available free online

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Adolf Hitler also was a member of the Rothschild Family...

BTW Greta Thundberg is also the same a member of the Rothschild Family.

So old Fascism... Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild.

And the new Eco Fascism... Greta Thundberg also is a Rothschild.

Hjalmar Schacht also founded the Bank for International Settlements on behalf of the Rothschild

Family and Adolf Hitler..

And the Bank of England gave the Gold stored in London to Berlin... financing the Nazis.

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"The devil disguises himself as an angel of light. When the Communists came to power, unprecedented slaughters followed, which eclipse even Hitler's Holocaust." ~ Richard Wurmbrand, spent 14 years in a Communist prison and is the author of Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism

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It doesn't matter who win, THEY win.

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this nonsense raised again? in the midst of worldwide depression,one country had plans and was beginning to emerge as a country in recovery. amazing german ingenuity and progress attracted INVESTORS who we all know are greedy. hardly "financing hitler" more like wanting in on german advances in technology and economics. pushing this sort of propaganda is propagating lies and avoiding truth.

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Good to see this topic being brought to light. 120 Broadway NY was the nest. They are at it again. With a twist! They shift to Shanghai this time. 🥂 cheers.

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Jefferson fought Hamilton over establishing a national bank. Sadly he managed to get his way and we now have the Federal Reserve.

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