Lots of people still don’t know why JFK was assassinated. So many don’t have a clue of the f’kery our government creates. Covid has awakened a lot more of us, but still.

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Was “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” a “surprise attack”? Was it a “False Flag” Attack by a faction within Hamas which was intent upon justifying Netanyahu’s all out war against Palestine?

Yes!!!!!!!!!! False flag to justify slaughter of millions of Palestinians. And I'd say maybe also a false flag to get us into a war on Iran.

Here are 4 former IDF are questioning the "failed intelligence" narrative:

https://efrat.substack.com/p/israel-hamas-war-an-update I served in the IDF 25 years ago, in the intelligence forces. There’s no way Israel did not know of what’s coming. A cat moving alongside the fence is triggering all forces. So this?? What happened to the “strongest army in the world”? How come border crossings were wide open?? Something is VERY WRONG HERE, something is very strange, this chain of events is very unusual and not typical for the Israeli defense system.

"To me this suprise attack seems like a planned operation. On all fronts. This is a failure to protect the people of Israel, for sure, perhaps the biggest failure since the Yom Kippur war exactly 50 years ago, if not bigger. – by the way – is it a coincidence it’s exactly 50 years ago, almost on the day? The Yom Kippur War was on Oct. 6th 1973. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that this feels like the work of the Deep State. It feels like the people of Israel and the people of Palestine have been sold, once again, to the higher powers that be. At the same time, this is still very difficult to fathom.”

(link to her on video here: Video: Israel-Hamas War: Netanyahu’s “Planned Operation on All Fronts” Oct. 7th, 2023, an update from the field, with my key insights, questions and concerns. https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-hamas-war-update/5835578)


False flag!!! I’ll spare you the videos, but my morning started with my father sending me videos of IDF soldiers slaughtered in their barracks still in just their underwear, to which both of us as former service people ourselves immediately agreed that it’s im-fucking-possible! I did a service with IDF and have been to most bases in the south, and the ones close to the borders are always on highest level security alert: armed guards on towers 24/7 and all personnel are required to carry their personal weapons at all times… including sleeping with it literally under your mattress exactly for such situations! So how the hell could a group of Palestinians break into a base and make it all the way to the barracks unnoticed and unheard? I saw the media trying to sell a story that Iranians provided some equipment that jammed the electronically monitored fence, but any disturbance immediately notifies command and control center in Israel’s equivalent of the pentagon and someone would be immediately in touch with the bases’ commanders especially in the middle of the night. But even if that story is true, where were the night guards not to see the combatants approaching and alert everyone? With bases neutralized, there were no one to come to help the civilians in the area… how convenient.

https://twitter.com/Dr_logicaI/status/1710794054953553927 ex-IDF soldier explains that the events that took place today are impossible. She was a boarder observer with the highest tech available. “If a bird came close we knew” “Even even a cockroach came to our fenced border we knew” “How did 400 hamas pass through today”?


The first video is from a former IDF combat commander. Here is a summary someone wrote up. It is accurate: The first man is an ex IDF Golani officer and lawyer Daniel Ginat, this is the original post: https://t.me/hitnagdoot/1592

He says that there is no way that this infiltration of terrorists happened and almost 10 hours of complete silence from the IDF, he says that they used to train for such an occurence and hundreds of cars would be at the Gaza border within seconds,

He says that similar to the pfizer clot shots, this too is an inside operation and cant be something either than that, it is deliberate against the people

The other video with the man in the hospital, he is a citizen of a town near the border and was shot by a terrorist and he is rightfully upset and is cursing the corrupt govt/IDF etc that didnt come for many hours, he said 6 hours and not 1 plane in the sky

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Why not mention 9-11 which clearly was an inside job. Project for a New American Century was written and signed by the reactionary Right Federalist Society prior to 9-11. Dick Cheney was one of the signers of that document. The essence of the document was a blueprint for taking complete control of the government, all 3 branches. Everything was in place but for one thing: an event of the magnitude of Pearl Harbor to scare the public into submission. And then came 9-11. 3000 people killed. 2 buildings hit with planes that could not possibly do the damage that occurred. A 3rd bulding that houses critical financial papers suddenly goes down. This was a False Flag to usher in the Patriot Act I which clearly was pre-written and then forced onto Congress with threat of martial law otherwise. Not long after, Patriot Act II was produced with more elaborate assaults on our civil liberties ensuring massive govt surveillance and control of the public.

Isreal's assault on the US Liberty was clearly a False Flag attack that killed and injured numerous American naval people. There is a very good documentary on this by the survivors of that attack. Israel was distinctly blamed as intentionally attacking that ship with its clear US markings and the phone calls to Israel during the attack to inform them they were hitting an American ship. but what the heck did Israel care--they had an agenda to draw the US into their war with Egypt and people counted for zilch!

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I have to question the idea that a faction of Hamas wanted to perpetrate this. it makes no sense. What does make sense is that Israel had forewarning from Egypt that something big was brewing from the Palestinians and Israel let it happen. As people in the IDF note there is no way this was a surprise with the IDF not being prepared as they are always on alert. Allowing this attack to happen provided the justification for the right wing, racist, apartheid govt to call a war on the Palestinians with their oft stated goal of decimating the entire population. But they needed to maintain a pretend veneer of legitimacy which is how they have been playing their 75 yr ongoing war on the Palestinians with its slow genocidal intent and practice.

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Michel is a true International treasure! Thank you for your courage to use your brilliant skills to speak truth to power rather than to serve it. Your work over all these years continues to be of the highest level and on the right side of history.

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Mr. CHOSSUDOVSKY, chopping the heads off a group of innocent little children or slashing and busting the pregnant bellies of women is not really the type of actions of GOOD PEOPLE.

Every effort must be made to ensure that the Ham's Ass people fully understand these kind of actions WILL NOT go unnoticed or unpunished.

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While the Operation Northwoods plan is a good example of the corruption of the DC swamp rats that continues to this day, extending it to the incompetence of Israeli intelligence requires a tinfoil hat of epic proportions. No one forced the Palestinian terrorists to kill anyone. Their hatred is part of their death culture of following the rantings of a pedophile who took magic carpet rides from Meckha to Jerusalem

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There are a lot of parallels, but I don’t think this was a false flag. We have remnants of many of the 5,000 rockets and most are Iranian. I would like to see DNA from the invaders, though.

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One also thinks of the stories from ~30 years ago--possibly true; possibly fake; but who will ever know for sure?--of Kuwaiti babies snatched from incubators by brutal Saddamites... which kicked off a string of ugly dominoes which I hardly need to explain to an audience such as this one.

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Jeff Berwick/ Dollar Vigilante doing a good job here exposing all the lies to get the war going (atrocity propaganda stories later retracted)

Both Sides Are Being Played By The Banksters Again To Cause Genocide, Division and World War III https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qiy1GjRY5bwI/


The Israeli army has no information confirming allegations that "Hamas beheaded babies," Israeli army spokesperson unit told Anadolu on Tuesday.

Source of dubious ‘beheaded babies’ claim is Israeli settler leader who incited riots to ‘wipe out’ Palestinian village https://thegrayzone.com/2023/10/11/beheaded-israeli-babies-settler-wipe-out-palestinian/

Oren Ziv, an Israeli reporter who joined the military’s official tour of Kfar Aza, commented on Twitter, “I’m getting a lot of question about the reports of ‘Hamas beheaded babies’ that were published after the media tour in the village. During the tour we didn’t see any evidence of this, and the army spokesperson or commanders also didn’t mention any such incidents.”


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No doubt Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was a psyop but can we use Operation Northwoods as presented as our guide or do we need to blow away some layers of magic propaganda dust to see what this purported plan really was?

When we examine the collection of documents that make up "Operation Northwoods" we find a number of anomalies that completely undermine their authenticity.

--- The document content does not match title, eg, a Report is a request, the very important Decision document is titled a Note, the content of the so-called Appendix and Annex do not fit those document types, notably the Annex which contains the very important Pretexts, a listing of all the planned false-flag actions. Nor do the documents relate to each other correctly, eg, the Annex is attached to the Appendix while the Appendix is a duplicate of a memorandum which itself is given the label Enclosure A but only one document lists an enclosure which matches neither the documents labelled Enclosure A or Enclosure B.

--- Reference is made to a recently-dated memorandum from a “General Craig” who can only reasonably refer to Lieutenant General Edward A. Craig who retired from military service on 1 June 1951.

--- The second paragraph in the very brief, three-paragraph Decision document

”In that the Commandant had expressed direct concern of the Marine Corps in this matter, the provisions of Title 10, US Code 141 (c) applied and were followed.

is plainly gobbledygook. The Commandant is a naval position in charge of training and this proposal is ostensibly for a real life operation while Title 10, US Code doesn’t have a (c), only an (a) and (b) and simply specifies that there is the position, Inspector General of the Department of Defense and the duties entailed.

Perhaps the mention of Commandant, the position in charge of training, is an oblique reference to the fact that the Pretexts document was really an intelligence training exercise and the surrounding documents have been dummied up to create a document used for the propaganda purposes discussed below.

If Operation Northwoods is a clearly faked proposed false-flag attack what is the purpose of this fakery? It was de-classified (although stamped UNCLASSIFIED) in 1998, just three years before 9/11 - rather significant, no? This article explains the propaganda agenda of ON.


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this is not war between Israel Government vs Palestine Hamas,this Genocide against people of Palestine and people of Israel,this is not a fight between Terrorist Hamas vs Zionist Israel,this is genocide to humanity,in big picture this upheaval is a part of process of earth changes ,,

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