There was never a virus, and never will be, and of course no pandemic.

It's one of the biggest scams and crimes of all times.

Watch the videos of Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stefan Lanka…

For me it's still unbelievable that 99 percent of the people don't get it, and still talk about bs like the origin of the virus etc.

The WHO pandemic treaty is only possible because nearly all media and political whores support the virus lie.

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I wanted to say that Dr. Sam Bailey has shown that there is no scientific evidence that any virus exists. For 75 years we have been frightened by a deadly pathogen called a virus, and yet there is no scientific evidence, no genetic structure mapped, no photo of this Unicorn has ever been seen, the scientific method and Koks postulates were thrown out the window. All we ever see are computer generated images of a spikey thing floating around. They are generated in computer labs, not medical research labs. Like the children's cartoon movies, the characters are animated, not real. Science is never settled, ever! Steven Hawking disproved his own theory by doing what scientists do, question everything. Fauci stated that to question him was to question the science! What an ignorant, and unscientific thing to say. No proof, no virus. The common cold and the seasonal flu disappeared during covid. Were they on hiatus somewhere? Should they be on a milk carton asking have you seen me? Really, where were they all this time? Well, they were all called covid! If any person with serious health problems or are aged, the flu can and is deadly. They did not treat them with the conventional methods, they sent them home until they were so ill that they came back to the hospital and died. Just what they intended to happen! Pure evil and greed.

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it was not "novel" it was old sci-fi movies revived and rewritten to frighten the braindead sheeple. in spite of seeing zero evidence of people dropping dead in the streets or elsewhere,the sheeple leaped into the fictional tale. even going so far as to volunteer to be suicided by a poisonous vaccine. truly this test revealed how easily manipulated the masses are. shades of orson welles radio show "invaders from mars" the truly dumbed down continue to seek out new and deadlier poisons by going to drug pushers aka doctors.

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And the criminals are walking around free & richer

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It would seem that Mr. Chossudovsky is not a member of the no-virus club. While he rightly rails against the deception and fear mongering of the COVID-19 episode, it does not seem that he doubts the existence of viruses. He just doubts the existence of a novel corona virus which was responsible for the pandemic of 2019-2022.

I myself am not fully on board the no-virus train, maybe 80-90% of the way there. That might be another battle for another day. There is more than enough evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic was rife with deception and misinformation without getting off into a tangential, albeit important, topic.

I have followed that debate pretty closely, and I agree that the science employed by the virologists is very problematic. Besides the problems of methodology in the virology field, the fact that they couldn't intentionally infect people with the Spanish flu would seem to indicate that something else was responsible rather than an infectious particle. Likewise, in the history of things like smallpox and polio, the tendency for those diseases to pop up seasonally, or in conjunction with mass inoculations, would point to a cause other than a virus.

It would seem that both sides should be able to agree to an experiment with very rigid procedures and controls to finally answer the question of whether viruses actually exist. Unfortunately, no such experiments are forthcoming. We must remain in the dark for a little longer, I'm afraid.

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I do not know how many of you know about the HIV AIDS fraud, but I remember what was said and done at the time. We were all told that you could get it from toilet seats, surfaces, being around someone who had it, any contact at all, all lies but the biggest lies of all were the lie about HIV becoming AIDS! The two are not related at all. HIV is related to herpes, and has no relation to AIDS, proven fact. AIDS is not a virus, and it is in fact not just one thing. Gay men whose lifestyles included Iv drug use, malnutrition and the use of Poppers (Amyl Nitrate) a known cacogenic in small amounts, were being used in huge amounts as they enhanced the sexual experience intensity. These factors caused Kaposi's sarcoma. This is the type of cancer associated with AIDS, caused by amyl nitrate directly, then they are treated with AZT, the deadliest cancer drug ever developed. No other treatments were approved by guess who. Fauci! This drug has 100% fatality rate, get it? So, they get finished off with this poison, then are listed as AIDS deaths. Remember there is no virus at all, and there was and is no such thing as an AIDS virus. Billions have been spent out of the public's taxes for all these years looking for a vaccine. Nothing as of this day has been produced toward a vaccine for a non-existent virus. A Gates, Rockefeller, Welcome trust fraud! Fauci is their puppet, supported with billions that he doles out to various labs for phony virus research. This cabal of eugenics monsters is so huge and multinational that they have all the power and money needed to keep the sheep in the pen. They own all the levers of power, to include the regulatory agencies, governments, security agencies, the DOD et al. Not conspiracy theory, conspiracy fact. We are raised in a matrix, think in a matrix, perpetuate the matrix my believing in the lie of the matrix. Take the red pill! Jack.

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Makes me sick! Very good recap, we must never forget what has been done against humanity and be aware and hopefully fight. I hope and pray many still asleep will realize. The cogs are still turning for their global domination.

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You will want to listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHKlt-ik95Q and we need to break up Black Rock, Vanguard and others.

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It's all invented for the express purpose of eliminating humanity. That includes the entire drug empire of death.

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It would be interesting to try to visualize where all these evil plans will ultimately lead. I suspect it will be the extermination of all life on the planet. These people are not really intelligent, just mad with power and filled with hate for all life. If they think they're going to upload their selves to the cloud and live forever as simulated beings, they've watched too much Star Trek.

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If it wasn't for mainstream media news the handmaidens of the national security state no one would've suspected there was a pandemic. it would've been like 1968 when the Woodstock music festival was held in upstate New York, but a

flu pandemic was raging.

Interestingly enough, it was a global outbreak of influenza that originated in China in July 1968 and lasted until 1969–70. The outbreak is sometimes called the Hong Kong flu of 1968.

However in 1968 the DOD, big pharma, and the bankster gangsters didn't "weaponize the flu," as a way to transfer great wealth to billionaires or use the pretext of "public health" to heighten surveillance.

The COVID criminals were determined to use 21st Century technology to restructure the economy by devastating the lives of billions. If you look closely, the COVID criminals and the war criminals are one of the same.



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Here something you should know about the so called virus and who stands behind it.

Keep in mind English is my forth or fifth language out of 7 or 8 in my vocabulary, so don’t mind misspelling here and there.


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Interesting debate below with Jack Williams. God, I spent so many thousands of hours researching and learning about virology, so I have to side with him on the fact that no virus has ever truly been isolated. As an example, Christine Massey and her colleagues have gotten concessions from just about every government around the world that they had never isolated the "Novel Corona Virus". I read the CDCs PCR Instruction Manual, where they actually make that concession. This is probably why it is referred to as Germ Theory rather than Germ Law.

I believe the major beef of virology critics is the so-called methodology used to "isolate" a virus. Rather than removing variables during the process, they are adding in extraneous genetic material to a sample, which only confounds the results and therefore the actual source of the genetics being mapped. These scientists came up with Koch's Postulates, but then refuse to comply with their own criteria. It's maddening.

The other point the critics make is that virologists concede that they are unable to isolate a virus for one of two reasons: there is not enough viral material available to collect and isolate, or because they only exist within a cell and so cannot be freely accessed or extracted. Instead virologists argue that they can map out the entire genome of a virus and so that is sufficient. No, that is fiction based on fiction. That would be like finding a tuft of hair with unique genetics and claiming it is proof of Sasquatch. Unless, Sasquatch can be found and matched to the hair, it proves nothing. The tuft of hair might have come from a green eyed monkey on Mars. Genetic mapping of humans or bacteria is credible because they can be isolated and matched up, but genetic mapping of a virus is pointless, unless the virus can be proven to exist, but it can't.

I recall reading an interview with Rodney Richards, a biochemist involved in developing tests for AIDS, and Kary Mullis (the inventor of the PCR process) made the same point, in which he stated that no diagnostic test can be validated until a virus can be isolated.

I worked a bit in the soils field. To measure the grain size distribution, we either used hydrometer tests or laser diffraction. Neither method is a true measure of actual silt sized and clay size particles because things in the tiny world get very strange very fast, as the electrical charges of the particles and the ions around them confound the results, so one ends up with an estimated distribution. Virology is really no different; they use models to fill out a partial genome to create a full genome, which is an estimate of a virus, which they call in silico. I have even heard them use the term "consensus virus" because the models can produce different results, depending on the inputs.

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I like how you write. Thank you. I offer my observation (mostly consistent with your description. However: Whatever infected scientists in China early on, was found using a two-step PcR process that required a step to isolate something handled as a retro-virus. That science was public and then disappeared as the viral originators in the US/Uk took over the global response: coordinated Declaration of COVID.

I also observe that some WHO documentation of the first SARSCov ‘outbreak’ in 2003, described the SARS description as a novel syndrome... not calling it a virus, nor a natural coronavirus.

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Covid was the preplanned vector to usher in the RNA/DNA injections to reprogram the treatment protocols for disease states. Plain and simple!


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