They need the War to cover up the Vaccine Genocide

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There are no nukes repeat until it sinks in.its pure fear porn that Russia brushes off easily. Hiroshima was firebombed just as dresden was.recent investigation has proven this. It's all blustering and bullying by a dying empire,the usa.

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Does anyone still think we are the good guys?

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As a species, we are tragically pathetic and unevolved.

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Did FDR die unexpectedly at the age of 63 from a cerebral hemorrhage, or was he the victim of another British assassination with a bullet to the head?


Why would Churchill want FDR dead at that precise moment in time?

Scroll down to...

FDR vs. Churchill -- The American System Against the British Empire


Why The British Kill American Presidents:


Watch the documentary: 1932


American Patriot History Project:


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All I can do is continue to thank you for taking on the most important issues of our time, and telling the truth. Those who have written against the vaccines often shy away from the problem of weather engineering, and there are few among those who hold contrarian views on any issue, who understand that Putin is part of it, as you so eloquently point out in your interview with Mike Adams. Commentators go back and forth about impending peace in Ukraine, but your assessment is the right one. You are a national treasure.

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There are probably even more powerful weapons developed in the 80 years since WW2. No fear. God help us.

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55% of the US-BIP is Military-Industrial Complex. Without war the US end up in great recession.

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Hey, Michel, I posted this just seconds ago on Mattias' Substack,



A shout out to this piece, man.


Are we serious, Mattias, really, parsing "Mainstream Media" for truth, answers?

Look, you know Michel, so, get to parsing this quick look at the history of hating Russia/USSR, and just get on with life, man:


This is in the blood (bloodline, collective DNA) of Anglo Saxons, AmeriKKK-an-oh's and your side of the pond, EuroTrashLandians.

I'm a journalist, teacher, educator, and more, including an author, and I have been/lived in Europe, all of Mexico, CA and parts of South America, Vietnam, well, it doesn't matter really about me the traveler. As a radical college instructor, believe it or not, I have taught military -- USAF, army, and others on bases/posts and in community colleges.

Like John Mearsheimer states recently on the Duran, "The Average American is five times hawkish than I could even be."

It's collective, Mattias. And the lack of history is collective agnotolgy.

So, Holly-Dirt has done a hell of a job of turning mushy AmeriKKK-an-oh's and mushy EuroTrashLandians into Russia Haters, Putin Haters, what have you. But this is reality:

The MAD doctrine was scrapped. The 2001 Nuclear Posture Review not only redefined the use of nuclear weapons, so-called tactical nuclear weapons or bunker buster bombs (mini-nukes) could henceforth be used in the conventional war theater without the authorization of the Commander in Chief, namely the President of the United States.

Seven countries were identified in the 2001 NPR (adopted in 2002) as potential targets for a preemptive nuclear attack

Discussing “requirements for nuclear strike capabilities,” the report lists Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, and Syria as “among the countries that could be involved in immediate, potential, or unexpected contingencies.” …

Three of these countries (Iraq, Libya and Syria) have since then been the object of US-led wars. The 2001 NPR also confirmed continued nuclear war preparations against China and Russia.

“The Bush review also indicates that the United States should be prepared to use nuclear weapons against China, citing “the combination of China’s still developing strategic objectives and its ongoing modernization of its nuclear and non-nuclear forces.”

“Finally, although the review repeats Bush administration assertions that Russia is no longer an enemy, it says the United States must be prepared for nuclear contingencies with Russia and notes that, if “U.S. relations with Russia significantly worsen in the future, the U.S. may need to revise its nuclear force levels and posture.” Ultimately, the review concludes that nuclear conflict with Russia is “plausible” but “not expected.” [that. was back in 2002] ( Arms Control) emphasis added.


So, why are you really interesting in Wagner and Putin and more Holly-Dirt fantasies, like that broken down sailboat as part of Operation Nordstream. Dude, I am a dive master, and been around a lot of diving, including mixed-gas. A world where experts (I'm not one but I can get MSM a dozen) can't go on the air daily to say, "That's a bunch of bunk, dude, that Gilligan's Island crew blew up a pipeline . . . let me explain."

MSM? Mauling Sick Media, baby.


Thanks for your work on mass formation. Try reading up on Bernays, man, here, in my crazy polemical railing. You may not know all of Freud's nephew's amazingly dirty and all-encompassing work on the AMerican and Western mind. Mass formation on steroids!


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"Fighting for Peace is like..."

Well, you get the picture!

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“I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.” -- George W. Bush.

"They have created a wasteland and call it peace." - Tacitus

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I thought this article might be nostaglic reading for those who still remember a US antiwar Left and the despicable actions of the "hope and change" Nobel Peace Prize winning murderer.

"Obama’s Trillion-Dollar Nuclear-Arms Train Wreck

As with his pledge to close the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, President Obama's pledge to move the US toward nuclear disarmament seems to have been abandoned."


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