Human rights attorney Dr. Francis Boyle is calling on U.S. citizens to urge Congress to immediately withdraw from the World Health Organization to avoid 'dictatorial' health controls that override every level of government.

An international law expert is calling on the United States to immediately withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) to escape an imminent “medical dictatorship” that would seize control of countries around the world. A “coup d’etat” against the U.S. will be carried out using the WHO as a “front organization” if the U.S. continues its membership in the WHO as two of its currently pending “treaties” are passed, warned human rights attorney Dr. Francis Boyle during a Stop Vax Passports Task Force Webinar. https://stopvaxpassports.org/webinar-every-breath-you-take-big-brothers-plan-to-stalk-you-through-the-who/]

Take action to email and call your congressional representatives to demand that they secure immediate withdrawal from the World Health Organization. https://stopvaxpassports.org/take-action-withdraw-us-from-the-w-h-o-now/]

The international “pandemic accord” currently being negotiated by the WHO, and up for a vote as early as May, “will set up a brand-new international organization with powers to issue legally binding orders all the way down … to your primary care physician,” according to Boyle. Human rights activist Reggie Littlejohn has pointed out that under the accord, the WHO could potentially force “vaccinations,” quarantine detentions, and the censorship of dissenting health information. https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/pdf_files/inb4/A_INB4_3-en.pdf] https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/extreme-dangers-to-our-freedom-us-poised-to-surrender-sovereignty-impose-biomedical-surveillance/?utm_source=top_news&utm_campaign=usa]

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SIGN UP FOR WHO EMAILS: www.who; www'who.int

Member States agree to the WHO’s Programme Budget for 2024-2025, committing to a 20% increase of assessed contributions (membership fees).

During discussions in Committee A of the Assembly, Member States agreed today the draft resolution with the proposed programme of work for the next two years (2024-2025). The budget to deliver on this programme was also agreed, at US$ 6.83 billion, the most ambitious to date, and which includes a historical 20% increase of assessed contributions (or membership fees). The Secretariat and the Director-General thanked Member States for the overwhelming strong support for the resolution, and the confidence and trust placed in WHO. Nearly forty Member States took the floor. Decisions taken during the week in the Committees, are subject to a final procedural step, of approval by the plenary at the end of the Assembly.

Financing the programme budget is essential to ensuring that WHO with its Member States can achieve the triple billion targets. Investing in WHO returns US$ 35 for every US$ 1 invested, highlights WHO’s investment case (A Healthy Return).

The budget is allocated around the following strategic priorities :

One billion more people benefiting from universal health coverage, US$ 1966.4 million;

One billion more people better protected from health emergencies, US$ 1214.0 million;

One billion more people enjoying better health and well-being, US$ 437.7 million;

More effective and efficient WHO support to countries, US$ 1350.0 million;

This makes a total of US$ 4968.2 million for the base programmes, which remains unchanged with respect the Programme budget 2022–2023;

In addition, the approved budget includes:

Polio eradication (US$ 694.3 million), special programmes (US$ 171.7 million) totalling US$ 866.0 million; (how many times do we have to eradicate polio?)

Emergency operati ons and appeals (US$ 1000 million).

With the increased assessed contributions, Member States will contribute US$ 1148.3 million towards this budget with their membership fees. The rest, US$ 5 685.8 million will be covered by voluntary contributions made by Member States and other contributors.

The 20% increase of assessed contributions was a commitment agreed by last year’s Health Assembly , one of the recommendations made by the Working Group on Sustainable Financing. Other recommendations linked to WHO’S sustainable financing covering reforms on accountability, governance and financing will be further considered this week.

LINK: Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly – Daily update: 22 May 2023 (who.int)

Related documents

Documents A76/4, A76/4 Add.1, A76/4 Add.2 and A76/43


Proposed programme budget 2024–2025

A76/4 Add.1

Proposed programme budget 2024–2025

A76/4 Add.2

Draft resolution:

Programme budget 2024–2025


Proposed programme budget 2024–2025

Report of the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of the Executive Board to the Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly

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WHO is ALL about the money. Despite seeking multi-billions from US, they've written reports that include only other countries, not America, with regard to the people who receive WHO's "benefits." WHO is more of a cash cow than anything worth paying for.

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Their plan.


2007 film clip compared to recent newsroom interview. Cancer rates up due to experimental mRNA jab; so they plan to make a new jab to prevent cancer. See the final result.


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If You Are Reading This

You Are A Holocaust Survivor.

So Far.


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One could say that multipolarism will be a more effective way to establish a worldwide biosecurity surveillance state as regional rulers micromanage indigenous populations.

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Two words: F@CK THEM!!! "THEY" won't get me at any costs, these pieces of shits!!!

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And sorry, really l

couldn't refren myself in writing what's below.

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And there is not even any true eugenics intended or involved in any of what is actually being inflicted on the world at the moment, which is actually nothing other than a military attack against the entire planet causing nothing other than immense damage and suffering, with quite the opposite of any eugenic intent.

What is actually being made to occur, without the full truth of this being made manifest to the general public by TPTB is in grim reality entirely dysgenic and malgenic from start to finish.

The awful suffering that is really caused very intentionally encompasses the entire lifepans of all creatures affected and is not just any brief but 'necessary' NWO 'birth pang' as the entirely malevolent and deceptive PTB would have us believe.

The permanent genetic damage to all kinds of species being targeted and the massive increased rates of infertility, sterilization, cancer, auto-immune diseases, organ failure, neurological diseases and so on, is causing horrific suffering in many species, this is no 'improvement' such as real eugenics might offer in its most benevolent form at all, and rather than affecting just humanity, is very negatively affecting the entire planet, rather than 'saving it', and how they have started is the way they mean to carry on, hell forever is intended to be experienced starting even in this life. "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever" (George Orwell).

What is actually occurring according to Dr Ana Mihalcea is quite literally an exterminatory attack against humanity. I fully concur with her on that.

In fact this attack is not just against all human life on this planet, with those behind this essentially military program viewing themselves as actually being souls of a different origin to all others here and as an entirely superior species compared to humankind entirely in both genetic and spiritual terms, and they actually say that they are, and their poisonous cult belief at the root of the intended NWO and the associated WEF/UN collaboration intended to place the entire world under genocidally lethal Noahide Law is that we must all be removed from the planet so that they can take it for themselves alone to live on in what is the ultimate armed robbery, intended to take an entire planet by the use of permanently exterminatory violence against all others.

There is a 90% reduction in bird and insect population around the world, and the same has occurred in the earthworm population. No bees and no worms means mass starvation coming up at some point.

The Pacific Ocean is practically dead due to radiation released by the deliberate attack on the Fukushima nuclear plant by the Israeli-CIA-designed Stuxnet computer virus that shut down all six safety programs at the nuclear plant precisely at the same time a tsunami of 'mysterious' origin suddenly swept over the plant causing an irreversible and unstoppable meltdown that is still today going into the bedrock, but without that mysterious and presumably deliberately coordinated tsunami created by HAARP or whatever, the meltdown would not have occurred.

5G is purposely involved by design in how the nanotechnology (openly stated by Fauci to be in the COVID jabs) in the ethnobomb COVID bioweaponry in the purported vaccination syringes is activated and directed.

This same EMF energy is used in mind control programs, which actually have patents by the way, causes neurological damage, cancer, reduced fertility and is involved in causing or exacerbating other serious medical issues that massively reduce quality of life and even lifespans, not really a 'convenience' at all, but more like a butterfly mine made to appear like a children's toy.

The use of such EMF frequencies and other methodologies are part of an entirely intentional diabolical military attack, and are not really the result as mistakenly purported by many of 'accidents' or financial greed, or poorly researched technology or poorly researched medicine and so on, it is what it is, an attack against the entire planet. One can see videos of entire flocks of birds flying into microwave telecoms beams and simply dropping out of the sky instantaneously en masse to the ground, with most left dead, and a few other birds simply stunned and later able to fly off.

Numbers of sparrows throughout Europe fell by 80% even just in the few years after mobile phone masts were first put up in 1996 up till around 2005, and the situation is getting worse now. The British former military intelligence officer Barrie Trower has given grave warnings about the entirely negative impact of this mobile phone technology.

And the poisonous GM mRNA bioweapon fake food crop plants are merely part of the same military anti-human military agenda. In animals they cause cancer, birth defects, decreased fertility, abortions, organ failure etc., and of course they cause these things in humans too, but the power-mad anti-human PTB don't like to state the totally obvious to their enslaved populations who are intended to be 'neutralized' by them in the near future as surplus to requirements. Self-replicating humanoid DARPA robots far more advanced than presently publicly revealed will soon be able to be deployed en masse to do what human slaves used to do.

Part of the military agenda of TPTB is to ensure that entirely toxic GM synthetic mRNA fake food plant crops will be grown with the false promise that crop yields will be increased by them to feed the world's hungry (who TPTB really intend to remain hungry and to simply die out or be literally poisoned and sterilized with them), but no such greater yields in the form of GM crops have materialized, and what does grow has very poor mineral content by design and even stops the gut absorbing what tiny mineral content is in the GM crop plants, thus ensuring that disease will result from consuming them even by that mechanism alone.

TPTB set up a fraudulent test into the use of igneous rock dusts as a potential source of agricultural soil remineralization by Glasgow University for a PhD thesis in 2009 to rubbish the entirely beneficial fully natural and appropriate alternative to GM crops and chemical fertilizers of igneous rock dusts such as those obtained from members of the basalt rock species and others.

The Glasgow University PhD study falsely and misleadingly concluded that igneous rock dusts are of no use or benefit whatsoever, and I was heavily attacked online for reporting on the inaccuracy of this testing at the time by several people purporting to have PhD's.

When I read this study, I was immediately highly suspicious and rang the Scottish farmer on whose land this study had been conducted and she told me that the university team had very deliberately fudged the test, and had actually polluted and poisoned and ruined the organic land that the organic farmer had generously allowed the Glasgow University PhD team to use to perform their study.

The university team deliberately used very obviously highly inappropriate non-organic 'green waste' as compost containing extremely toxic agricultural chemicals like glyphosate among other agricultural chemicals and also added inappropriate rock quarry waste obviously not of the required standard according to the Scottish land-owning farmer who was highly knowledgable and specific on exactly what rock dusts would have been genuinely suitable for the test and should have actually been used by the Glasgow University PhD thesis team, but were deliberately not.

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Extraordinary post, really!!! What a clearview of facts. Thank you for this. Much appreciated. Be blessed.

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The totally inappropriate addition of chemically toxic non-organic green waste ruined the organic land status of the organic farmer's land she told me, and quite obviously no PhD level scientists would make such a 'mistake' accidentally or done so innocently, this was a deliberate malicious act carried out in what was misleadingly stated by the Glasgow University team to be a fully objective scientific study into the potential benefits of using specific types of igneous rock dust as a means to remineralize agricultural soil and enhance growth of crop plants.

GM crops were designed not to be killed by glyphosate, but the crops Glasgow University were supposed to be testing were not GM crops, and any amount of glyphosate in the agricultural green waste they added to the growing medium in the tests would simply stunt, retard or kill normal crops during the attempted growing phase, thus intentionally contributing to an artificially low crop weight result in the igneous rock dust test that could then be malevolently and dishonestly attributed by the Glasgow University team in their official report to a supposed failure of igneous rock dust itself to provide increased nutrition to the crop plants being analyzed.

Glyphosate, now officially linked to cancer, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease and other disease conditions, is routinely sprayed on non-GM crops like oats and wheat and others to kill them right before harvest to dessicate them and make them easier to harvest, so quite obviously, as glyphosate has been used for the last 40 years or so already, even by 2009 the savvy Glasgow University PhD team would know full well that they would be heavily limiting crop growth by putting green waste containing glyphosate into the growing medium while they were supposed to be properly testing igneous rock dusts for their potential in enhancing crop production.

The university team falsely declared they were doing a genuinely objective scientific study into organic farming with high quality rock dust, which should not only have been of the requisite mineral content, but also be predominantly within certain particle size ranges to permit optimal mineral absorption by crop root systems.

The general types of igneous rock to be analyzed were used in the university tests according to the wording of the printed study methodology and results, but each rock type has many species, and some of these species are not suitable at all and some of these species are more suitable than others due to differences in their mineral spectrums and particle sizes, and the farmer informed me that the types of rock dust actually used during the testing by the Glasgow University team were actually general quarry waste and inappropriate, all these factors compounding to produce highly unusual and very poor test results in the end.

Such poor and misleading test results were no doubt required by TPTB in order for them to seem to authoratively convey to the farming community and general public that igneous rock dusts had been scientifically debunked for all time by top scientific methodology carried out by a prestigious scientific body as being entirely useless for any agricultural purposes.

But in real life, actual farmers were and still are having amazing results by using igneous rock dust producing 200% to 800% greater yields in crop weight per aquare metre, with much bigger fruits and vegetables that are much tastier and far more nutritious.

Organically grown crops even without using igneous rock dust to remineralize soil contain around 12-14 times more basic minerals than non-organic crops in general, but the addition of full mineral spectrum igneous rock dust containing essential additional microminerals to the growing medium makes even more health benefits become available to the highest level possible.

And the planet is basically made of igneous rock that is freely accessible over vast percentages of the Earth's land surface, though the use of this common sense igneous rock dust would take away vast amounts of business from the chemical industry and the medical industry and actually make people healthy and happy and actually much more free in real terms, so the mindlessly cruel and always jealous enslavers cannot allow this essential resource to be known about or put into use on a general scale.

The real mission of the Glasgow University team was actually only to conceal the truth of the enormous benefits of using entirely natural igneous rock dusts that would permit entirely chemical-free organic farming and produce thoroughly nutritious crops. If igneous rock dusts were used on a widespread scale, this would ultimately do away with the need for expensive and often ineffective petroleum-derived synthetic vitamins and artificially-chelated mineral pills and do away with many health conditions that are often purely caused by actual malnutrition and of course, such a cheap and effective and entirely natural and heathy farming method would blow Bill Gates' entirely malevolent and intentionally genocidally harmful GM fake food proposals out of the water.

But numerous other studies have since been carried out demonstrating the massive benefits of using igneous rock dusts in farming. Such igneous dusts are really the true original source of all nutrition for all surface plants on this planet, and it normally takes 20,000 years of weathering to produce the particle size and the volume of such dust in topsoil to make what is required for optimal plant nutrition, but chemicals and other farming methods such as ploughing and uprooting of hedgerows rapidly destroy the contiguity of the soil and permit wind and water erosion of this valuable topsoil resource, but modern mechanical methods can rapidly create the required rock dust, and such igneous rock of the right qualities for agriculture covers vast areas of the Earth's surface, there is no shortage of it, especially as Mother Earth is constantly pushing up new supplies of it.

Genuine users of igneous rock dusts have established that fully replenished mineral content of depleted soils results in organic crop yields being 200% to 800% per square metre greater by weight. Crops grown with igneous rock dust supplement added to remineralize depleted soils massively enhances crop mineral content, including that of rare microminerals such as praseodymium, lanthanum, samarium, neodymium and others established as being able to massively increase health and lifespans of animals in tests.

These vital microminerals are not present in necessary amounts in standard chemical NPK agricultural fertilizer that simply pushes plants up fast and big with no real mineral content, and natural crops can be grown organically without chemicals of any kind when igneous rock dusts chosen for their full mineral spectrum of beneficial minerals are chosen, as such crops are become more resistant to drought, more resistant against parasitic worms, fungal diseases, viral diseases, bacterial diseases and insect predators, and the actually essential microminerals in such rock dusts would vastly improve overall health and lifespan in all humankind too as well as their livestock and pets too, but the entirely cruel and destructive PTB do not want that to occur.

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I cannot begin to describe how free my life is having never owned a cell phone. Just think of the meaning of those two words.

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I second that - and I know quite a few other folks that don't own one. Yes "Cell" phone- good one and like TV PROGRAMING.

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Substack has (temporarily or permanently?) suspended my "like" ability without explanation, and I guess they thought that would shut me up.

Anticipating the Stalingrad of Detechnocratization

...just as Ðiên Biên Phú was “the Stalingrad of decolonization".


...and no, I'm not a communist.

The people, men and women, who carried the cannons piece by piece over the mountains and then assembled them again 70 years ago for that battle, and all the soldiers who drove the French out of North Vietnam, and later the U.S. out of South Vietnam, were never primarily communists, they were nationalists.

The struggle to end colonialism was led by nationalists who in some places made temporary arrangements with communist allies, but their goal was sovereignty, not communism.

The U.S. Constitution says nothing about communism or socialism or capitalism. It says a lot about the primacy of local control and sovereignty. America has always had socialists who oppose monopoly capitalism, probably a majority in some places, especially in the midwest in the 1930s.

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Substack has probably sold or given (under duress?) access to backdoors to Big Brother and his friends, and probably the Substack support department doesn't even know what's going on with those backdoors.

I've got to admit that I desperately need a pillow to cry into about the "great reset", but if Substack keeps sabotaging their own credibility this way, I can do without it.

Hi Big Brother 👋

We are coming for you

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Very nicely presented, concise and to the point! Brilliant, Prof. Chossudovsky.

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Worldwide the sheeple are in a coma.

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You are correct. That is the single biggest problem in the world right now.

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