More proof isn'treal is run by insane psychopaths. Money means more than human lives.those psychopaths need put down.

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Most crimes against humanity can be attributed to gangster turf wars.

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First of all I like to thank you prof. Chossudovski for your outstanding work.

By the look of things the UN/WHO/WEF are at the root of the problem.

The genocidal maniacs/Politicians which are pushing for war, are the same ones which have pushed for the lockdown of humanity, and it’s forced inoculation, and they have once again failed miserably.

Their plan went to pieces when they could not pass the resolutions declaring hamas terrorist organization.

If the resolution would have passed, they could have all together use their special forces to a invade Gaza, and act in secrecy by classifying their military operations.

The final hammer came down after the images of the bombing of the court yard of the hospital which caused the death of 500 people. (Obvious warcrime)

After that, as we all have seen, there has been warcrime after warcrime reported and shown on a daily base.

At the same time, more and more people have come out in the streets to manifest their discontent to our crooked leaders, and to ask an end to the war, and immediate protection for the Palestinian people, and I must say, it is working.

Politicians which thought they could win by using mainstream media to spread propaganda, are now facing the fact that they will soon have to face charges for their complicity in this text book ethnic cleansing/genocide and many are now distancing them selfs from the obvious war criminals bombing schools, UNshelters and hospitals “just to mention a few.

Their plans have double failed when the eastern nations decided to chose diplomacy, showing to the world who the uncivilized and terrorist really is .

Any how this must be stoped now!

UN must preform its duty and do what it was supposed to do from the start, send in the Peacekeepers to protect the civilians, the UN shelters hospitals , doctors and first responders, as well as to bring equipment to rescue those trapped under the rubles.

I also think necessary an investigation of the UN and WHO directors and secretaries, for their catastrophic failure .

Special note from the medic in Gaza. In one segment played by aljazira only once on the 10th or 11th of November, the medic complained that the aid delivered to the hospital was practically unusable, telling that the doctors had no idea on how to administrate the new drugs they received, and that what they needed was not what they got, which means they need medicines and disinfectant to treat war injuries. (That is also something which must be investigated)

Time to open our eyes and realize.

We are all Palestinians

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That’s What I Thought.. Netanyahu.. As The Operational Head of The Khazarian Mafia.. Only Knows Destruction and Supreme Control.He’s Not Fooling.. ANYONE.. anymore. He has come to.. “The End of His Reign”

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Interesting, add this to the gas field that's been discovered under Gaza. Gaza must become part of Israel.

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Nov 14, 2023·edited Nov 14, 2023

Must have some way for The City of London and Crown Corporation to maintain the Opium and Oil Transports helping the profits to flow to the aspiring Slave Masters of the Central Banker Family Cartel and Monarchs/Peerage to purchase their Prostitute Politicians and Deep State Minions.

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Excellent Richard Medhurst video. Thank you!

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It's worth noting that Gaza has the largest deposit of natural gas in the world worth billions. It would make the Palestinians among the wealthiest people in the world. Bibi said recently on video that Israel would likely occupy Gaza permanently after defeating Hamas. I tend to follow the money.

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Hmmm I think your tin foil hat may be a bit snug.

I will stick to what the Bible says about all of this.

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Makes sense since China controls the Suez Canal and Panama Canal.

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Shove all your false flag nonsense up your ignorantly informed self.

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