Stare long and hard at the genocide in the Gaza Strip because that will be your future, as the slaughter there is what's needed worldwide to satisfy the the UN Sustainability Agenda and the Great Reset.

Of course, the savage brutality always occurs first in the most marginalized populations, those incapable of defeating Global Empire.

Land confiscation is a key element of the sustainability agenda as valuable resources are seized from the poor and middle class under the guise of climate change, security concerns, or questionable Maui-like fires.

Whatever the Global Empire desires it will impound to enhance its own wealth and power deploying the pretext of humanitarianism.

Multipolar totalitarianism is the most effective way of controlling the proles as it effectively manages global resources.

The sociopathic nature of global leaders is witnessed in Palestine as these ghouls pay lip service to the Palestinian victims, but refuse to allow women, children, and the elderly into their countries in fear of civil unrest, or simply the cost of sustaining refuge camps. They'd rather see them bomb to smithereens.

To put it simply, The Great Reset is a war against humanity and no ruler will be your savior.

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The Gaza Strip has been under Zionist occupation and enclosure since it since the Palestinians became confined there.

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The Democratic Party’s commitment to backing the genocide by “Israel” against Gaza has accelerated a transition within our political culture that was already taking place; it’s forced the imperialist narrative managers to find a new strategy for preventing the emergence of an effective popular movement against war and austerity.

Up until the developments of this last month, it was expedient for the U.S. empire to use “wokeness”—which here means posturing about wanting to rectify systemic injustices—as its primary means for narrative control. Since the empire’s pivot towards Obama-style “humanitarian intervention”; and the solidification of the Democratic Party as the primary driver of the new cold war; the traditional jingoism of American militarism has been substituted with the idea that U.S. foreign policy exists to advance social progress. Now that Biden is supporting a genocide which the mainstream elements of the left can’t ignore (like they could ignore the Donbass genocide which Biden backed), that idealistic image of the Democratic Party can’t be maintained.

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Wake up folks.

Ukraine has vast fields of fertile soil. Gaza has natural gas and oil.

Israel has neither but wants both.

These wars are not over ideology. That's just a cover story.

Zionist are killing other human beings to gain control of their resources. Food and oil. And the actions were planned long ago.

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Secret negotiations between Israel and Egypt? El-Sisi is really a bottom feeder of the Netanyahu style, it seems. Genocide of the stateless Palestinians as an instrument of Israeli/Egyptian kleptocracy of oil and gas? That's truly revolting.

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With respect to Israel and Hamas, it’s a desert tribal war. It doesn’t end until one side wipes out the other and enslaves the rest. The argument for proportionality is an argument for perpetual war, and people who make it are at best misguided. That being said, America should stay out, no more foreign aid anywhere and withdraw all military forces worldwide. Not like this will happen with our current elite, of course.

The demographic changes in Europe tell the story, as the demographic shift dramatically favors Africans and Muslims. The future is looking very solidly like it is going to be much more brown, much more black, and much more Islamic. Muslims have swarmed Europe, especially France and England and Germany, but the same stuff is happening in Eastern Europe and Russia. Africans have the highest fertility by far in the world — something like 6.0 and its not decreasing much at all, they don’t like using birth control — and Muslims have much higher fertility rates than whites and Christians, at least 1 child or more on average worldwide.

If you zoom out on a historical basis Islam only spreads over time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBaZYtrln54 . Additionally, *how* a society changes under Islam is also remarkably constant: https://archive.ph/0SmvE

Now, if you’re not Muslim maybe you prefer a future as a Dhimmi under Islam instead of as a Noahide to Jewish power. But based on current trends (which hey, you never know, could change, although I think it is unlikely) those seem to be the options.

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A purely mercantile mind, embedded in our present hegemonic capitalism which worships one maxim, "Maximize Shareholder Value", almost certainly, SHALL violate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 10 COMMANDMENTS, starting with "bearing false witness". Just from mercantilism alone.

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Since i am so removed from these things, maybe you can enlighten me to the purpose of Hamas vicious assault.

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Typical behavior of the habiru. thieves,murderers and psychopaths that stole the myths of better cultures.the habiru were nothing but desert dwellers.this 75 plus years of genocide on the Palestinians is disgusting. Not a single alleged civilized country has ever come to their aid.karma is a bitch,that the entire world will suffer..war crimes,crimes against humanity which isntreal is not a member of,should be the uppermost concern of the world.instead isntreal bribes and blackmails weak minded scum to look the other way. Isn'treal proves there is no god.

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We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


"Israel is the last Cabal stronghold to fall" says Navy vet who also served in the secret space programs


(4:00) TYLER: So, the other day when we were talking, you had mentioned something about Robert telling you about Israel in, I believe, 2005. It's perfect timing to discuss that and share what he shared with you just because of what we see happening right now.

DARYL: Well, yeah. The biggest thing he said was, he was telling me just about all the different events of the world and all these things that were happening. And, you know, the geography would change in the sense of, like, the maps and things like that — countries, territories would become different, the nations would become different. Like I said, he said Russia was going to take back the Slavic nations like Ukraine, and things like that. And it was just because they wanted to protect the Slavic people . . .

I asked about Israel, you know, all the war that's always happening with the Palestinians and Israel, and he eventually said, “Yeah, Israel will be last,” he said. “That'll be the last thing that will happen.” He was saying things like, “Enjoy the show,” and stuff like that, so it seems maybe that a lot of what we don’t know will happen has already happened. And this whole Israel thing has just— this is the end of it it. Because he said that; he said, “Israel will be last.”

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I woke up September 11, I could not believe something hit at the top, could mean the bottom falls out. It was a start that led to how much the zionists control the world. From Hollywood to your bank account and everything in between. Don't be shocked when so called western democracies kiss the hand of the zionists and follow them.

You can't bite the hand that feeds you. Every politician will tell you

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Gaza will remain. However, the Palestinians will not.

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Israeli's false flag exposed by Israeli's !!!

The truth about October 7th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J1I96fTKnM

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Thank you for your work, very interesting information. 👍♥️💫🙏

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How does this outcome agree with the Obama/Biden plan to undermine Israel and US as a middle-east power? Perhaps it is a gambit to achieve this since players behind the scene are already influencing the IDF boots on the ground in GAZA as a possible non-event.

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Repeat of the Lahaina Land theft in Hawaii

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