Little children should not be orphaned, maimed or killed just because big people have not learned how to negotiate toward peaceful solutions..

Sign and share a petition with a simple solution to world peace and designed to bring awareness to the real horrors of war. "Let children be the zone of peace. Wherever they are, war is NOT allowed. " Help us spread this message. https://secure.avaaz.org/community_petitions/en/united_nations_international_court_of_justice_worl_world_peace/?empvFtb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition-1714645-world_peace&utm_term=mpvFtb%2Ben

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Intent to ethnocide and genocide are undeniable, when is the ICJ going to fulfill its duty?

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Craig Murray believes the ICJ is up to the task of coming up with a ruling that Genocide is being committed in Gaza. Any of the 149 member countries could bring forward to the ICJ the accusation that the Genocide Convention is being violated. One of the ICJ/UN "states" is Palestine, but the accusation would have to come from Mahmoud Abbas (AKA Abu Mezan) who seems to be a double agent put in control of the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) by US-Israel. One way or another the terms of Genocide Convention should be enforced now that the issue of Israel's intent has already been settled. See my new article


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Israel signed it's own death warrant.

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In 2004, the International Court of Justice gave its opinion regarding the Wall in the West Bank. It said that Israel cannot claim the right of self-defence against a threat that emanates from a territory it occupies.

UN Security Council Resolution 2721 (2023) did not acknowledge the ‘self-defence’ argument by Israel or refer to Hamas' military raid on Oct 8.

As well, very few Western media reported that the Resolution 2721 (2023) called for ‘urgent and extended humanitarian pauses and corridors throughout the Gaza Strip.’ No time limit was placed on the pauses or how many .The resolution, sponsored by the country of Malta and approved after four failed attempts, calls for ‘A sufficient number of days to enable, consistent with international humanitarian law, the full, rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access for United Nations humanitarian agencies…’

‘A sufficient number of days’ would be any number deemed necessary by UN humanitarian agencies - and possibly an indefinite ceasefire.

UNSC 2721 (2023) also called for ‘all parties to refrain from depriving the civilian population in the Gaza Strip of basic services and humanitarian assistance indispensable to their survival.’ This sentence is directed at Israel, as the occupying power that has blockaded food, water, fuel and other basic necessities from entering Gaza.

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Es kommt noch schlimmer;

Netanjahu hatte in den 1970er Jahren gesagt: „Wenn wir es richtig machen,

haben wir im nächsten Krieg die Chance, alle Araber zu vertreiben …

Wir können das Westjordanland übernehmen. Wir können die Westbank

räumen und Jerusalem säubern“.

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The atrocities of Hamas and Hezbolah for the last 45 years are not false flags. Israel, unlike EVERY other nation who is attacked, has attempted to give Palestine EVERYTHING, multiple times, with the exception of completely getting rid of a Jewish Nation. EVERY TIME, the leaders of Palestine, have said "no". This is because the leaders of Palastine (Hamas) do not want peace for their people. They want to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. No peace.. non negotiaion.. no recognition... Please see the charter of Hamas... There is so much to educate your people regarding this. I think a good outline for you would begin with, though most people reading this will resist looking Ben Shapiro, this is somewhat thorough for an outline. To really get a good idea- you would have to check his facts and do a bit of your own research. https://youtu.be/dEoVzKyD_IM?si=xNZsOb626ufaMb36

That all said, moving a population, is not Genocide. And its really the only thing they have left, since the arabs around them ... will not quit their mission to destroy Israel and Jews..

Finally, post note--- false flag... no. Iran.. supported by our left wing... is funding this terror campaign.. I am in touch with Christian Missionaries in the region- I know outside of news... some horrific things these people did.. and are continuing with this mission.. How about where the Hamas fighter comes into the house, shoot the man, put the baby in the oven, turn it on, rape the mother and wife, while the man is still alive to watch, but bleeding out on the floor.... then recording this on their phones, and posting on it on the victims social media.... How disgusting! Be careful who you call the war criminals.

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Please advise "we the people" just who is going to arrest Netanyahu, charge him for

his unbelievable crimes, give him his time in the courthouse, find him guilty and sentence him to death? If Netanyahu escapes justice then there is no justice!

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The best laid plans of pyschopaths often go awry, as will be the case for the US and Israel.

Generations of young people won't tolerate the sadistic slaughter of thousands of women and children under the flimsy pretext of annihilating "terrorist Hamas" a political organization secretly supported for decades by Netanyahu's Likud Party, as a means of continuing the chaos and preventing a two-state solution. A notion which is now ludicrous given the current situation.

What will the US do knowing that Egypt and none of the other Arab countries want millions of Palestinian refugees? What will creepy Joe and Zionist Blinken do once Israel is no longer interested in hostages and proceeds to bomb Gaza into smithereens?

Will they stop sending aid to Israel in the form of bombs, bullets, and drones or will they continue to hope spook mainstream media news commentators run enough cover for this genocidal policy.

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Genociding palestine has been ongoing for over 100 years,what has changed?the world ignored the psychopathic isn'treal state all this time. No one cares the murder was a daily part of life for Palestinians. Now its suddenly a big deal.no one else thinks that something else is happening?

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You know, Global Research is the only website I can not acces directly from gmail box. And when I tried to send an article to someone on yahoo, It couldn't be sent, tried many times, because of the "policy". Please tell them to rethink the titles, to not write in the hunted words. It obvious now that is cenzored. Thank you.

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It's about controlling the gas supply, control of the Middle East with Israel the power seat, the U.S. behind that face.

It's about psychopathy, madness, inhumanity.

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Not if it leads toward those responsible for war to be brought before the ICJ as criminals.

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