"...The greatest massacre in history began – with the financing from the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System of the United States....

Thus, I.G. Farben, the company that became the German war machine’s key component, was under the control of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil at the time it funded 45 percent of Hitler’s election campaign in 1930. Through General Electric, J.P. Morgan controlled the German radio and electrical industry in the form of AEG and Siemens (by 1933, General Electric owned a 30 percent stake in AEG). Through telecom company ITT, he controlled 40 percent of Germany’s telephone network and 30 percent of aircraft manufacturer Focke-Wulf. Opel was taken over by the Dupont family’s General Motors. Henry Ford held a 100 percent stake in Volkswagen. In 1926, with the participation of Rockefeller bank, Dillon Reed and Co., the second largest industrial monopoly emerged – metallurgical firm Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Unified Steel Trusts) of Thyssen, Flick, Wolf, Fegler, etc."


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Prescott Bush, Rockefeller's banking partner, and also Thyssen's banking partner, and "Hitler's Banker" - all the way up to 1943, making sure Hitler's war machine could pay for the bullets, bombs, tanks and planes that were killing American GI's. Prescott Bush -->George HW Bush-->George W Bush. A long family line of traitors and war criminals.

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Sie 🔯 haben weltweit eine effektives MONOPOL auf praktisch alles seit Ende des II. WK....

Vanguard (und BlackRock, das direkt unter Vanguard angesiedelt ist) gehört mehreren 🔯 Familien gehört, aber das ist es, worauf es im Wesentlichen hinausläuft. Einem Unternehmen gehört praktisch die ganze Welt, wie wir sie kennen. Das ermöglicht es einer winzigen

Gruppe von Menschen, die gesamte Menschheit zu manipulieren, damit sie tut, was sie will.

Vanguard ist das einzige Unternehmen auf der Welt, dem praktisch alle großen Industriezweige der Welt gehören, sei es die Pharmaindustrie, die Nachrichtenmedien, Versicherungen, Krankenhäuser, Technologie, Reisen, Lebensmittel, Bergbau, Gas, Öl, Banken usw..

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Very very unsettling!

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At times, I think I've woken up in a parallel universe.

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You are not alone!

- Luc

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I always tell people that Zelinsky acts like Hitler in his last days... telling Germany then and the world now that the war can be won though the "Wunderwaffe"... while at the same time sacrificing both Germans and Ukrainians alike when the war is actually lost.

And both Hitler and Zelinsky are both of Jewish Origin.


Worse is Ursula von der Leyen.

Ursula von der Leyen’s Nazi Grandfather

Her grandfather, Carl Albrecht, worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Adolf Hitler and arranged the economic aspects of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939.

In addition to this... the von der Leyen Family were stern Nazis.

Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen ruled Galicia Ukraine in a civil capacity for the Nazis during WWII.

And they run a Euthanasia Program called "The Institute for Typhus and Virus Research"

Additional there is a direct correlation between the von der Leyen's the Nazis Euthanasia Jewish Occultism and Covid-19.

And yes... where Euthanasia is mentioned in the same line as Vaccines... Bill Gates the Modern Day Nazi Leader of Death by Vaccination must be named.

Heiko von der Leyen, UvdL Husband, is a doctor and scientific director of the US biotech company Orgenesis, which specialises in cell and gene therapies and is a frontrunner in the development of RNA COVID vaccines.

Von der Leyen represents Orgenesis


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deletedApr 24
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Alex C... great Job they do!

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If anyone is wondering how we've arrived here, how this is all possible, Dr Michael Nehls’ recent presentation at the IC Forum in Switzerland on "What the Brain needs to think Peace" was very illuminating.


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Dr. Nehls has also discussed how the 'vaccine' is basically hijacking memories and changing personalities... https://eccentrik.substack.com/p/sheep-brain-top-molecular-geneticist?utm_campaign=comment&utm_medium=email&utm_source=substack&utm_content=post

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According to Nehls it is also true that the perpetual propaganda helped to do this hijacking, in an intricate manner. Nehls is on various talk shows, for instance Epoch Times and I rekommend interesting listening.

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Could it be that Germany was weaponized against the USSR and Japan against Mao like using terrorist drug lords in Afghanistan and Central America in the 80's as freedom fighters with permission to fund themselves without interdiction or perhaps actual assistance.

The result of WWI lead to a 20th century obsessed with communism and control of the Ottoman oil.

The oil embargoes increased oil prices and turned off our fuel glutton B-52's in Vietnam to other strategic areas as well..

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pretty sure the control of Afghanistan's poppy business was overseen by the CIA, and this is well known

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Michel, that can't be, you must be mistaken? How can we be supporting the baddies, we don't do that, do we?

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It is called Kakhistocracy

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Apr 22·edited Apr 23

Nazism, Communism are both fascism/corporatism with same inhumane, totalitarian oppression for the pawns on the street.

Interesting to see that currently J**ish Volodymyr Zelenskyy works hand-in-glove with genuine Nazi progeny that was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of J**s.

As the old saying goes: "the end justifies the means".

See Gaza too ...

Anybody knows who Hitler was really working for ?? ...🤔🤔🤔 🤣🤣🤣

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If you delete Nazism and write capitalism you are somewhere near the mark.

Capitalism and communism are the same in that both support a monopoly state.

It would also pay to eliminate fascism and settle for just corporatism.

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Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.

This is my definition, and your definition is ?????

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Thanks for your kind remarks !! 👍👍

I wrote Nazism/communism because these were the two (allegedly) opposing currents at the time Mr. Chossudovsky's original post is dealing with.

The "West" is currently shifting from capitalism (not a genuine one any more, due to ever increasing state-interventionism since decades) towards fascism because it is evident, that the "leaders" are hell-bent in seeking to oppress, restrict, manipulate and control the populace entirely.

Fascism (con tanti saluti da Benito !!) and corporatism still have differences. Many a folks are more familiar with the 1st. term; corporatism getting to the surface lately only ; imho ...

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Fascism is a term used to describe Italian politics between WWI & WWII.

There is nothing wrong with a one party state with a strong constitution.

Our democracies are rigged and controlled. Divide and control. The man behind the curtain.

Mussolini got rid of the mafia, lost the war and the mafia returned.

I prefer Free Enterprise over Capitalism. I believe there is a difference.

Capitalism and communism both desire a monopoly system.

It was the partisans who lynched Mussolini and we have a very good idea who they were.

National Socialist Germany boomed. Big business realised there had to be some sort fairness. They were also afraid of a Red Soviet takeover. They needed the people on their side. I understand the rich ceased to flaunt their wealth.

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DaSynagogue of Satan doesn't care - https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/search?q=Synagogue+of+satan&m=1 - as long as the program continues.

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Soviet Union Communist regime has been fully Aligned with Nazi Germany during World War II, participated in partitioning of Poland, attacked Finland (winter war) and committed massacre in Katyn forest. This is how 'we arrived here'.

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The.overuse.of the slur "nazi"needs to stop as though it denotes the epitome of evil.its veen ingrained into society since ww2.its false.the germans were against the bolsheviks aka jews.

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The Nazis in Ukraine are running the show, that’s why the Germans love them so much and still supporting this regime. They want to make Hitler forget.

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Considering that bankers and big business funded both sides of both world wars, and at the end of WW2 America brought over to their country (without the knowledge of the population) many prominent, nasties, sorry Nazis, and gave them free reign, I would consider it inevitable that the powers which should not be, would use whichever tactics they feel work best for them and they obviously feel that fascism is a useful tool. Pretty disgusting, but with bankers in a panic because they cannot control what everyone does, though they're certainly aiming to do so with CBDC's (being the ever so scared little dangerous control freaks they actually are) It's not surprising that we have what we have to confront.

We, the people of this world and more so the people of the Western World, have allowed such a terribly sick society to come into being. Time we woke up and stopped trusting in 'leaders'; look where they've led us! We must trust ourselves!

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Definition of capitalism.

Capitalism is the private ownership of industry.


The private ownership of the means of production.

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I highly recommend the following documentaries to learn more:

1. The Greatest Story Never Told

2. Europa: The Last Battle

3. Hellstorm

4. New World Order: Communism By The Backdoor

5. David Cole In Auschwitz

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....."The Elites"... have been using "Nazi" images of evil for over 80 years...and always tie them to "The Holocaust" for maximum emotional effect and political manipulation. I concur that evil was involved all across the generations from The US War of Northern Aggression...through WW I into WW II and that the same evil still dominates the world. But that evil was not centered only in Germany...or even with those known to be "Nazis". Sherman's March through the South was a holocaust. The trenches of WW I were a holocaust. Firebombing Tokyo and most of Germany was a holocaust. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were holocausts. The entirety of WW II was a holocaust. 25-40 million Russians died in WW II, but somehow the only deaths used as political and social cannon fodder are the deaths of "6 Million" Jewish people? Most informed people know that many in the West supported, did business with and grew wealthy off of their support of Nazi's and Fascists. Prescott Bush was still financing Hitler up until at least 1942 and had to buy his way out of a "Trading with the enemy" charge after WW II. It never hurt him in business or politics, because everyone made their stack of cash during that debacle and they wanted the attention paid to their own guilt to go away. But as the years wane, and people learn the truth about the other "Holocausts" generated by the Western Allies...the power of the alleged German events weaken. People know that it was The Allies that bombed the rail lines into all of those Camps run by the Germans...and that it was the allies who starved those prisoners to death...and created terrible disease through the loss of medications and treatment. People know that it was Eisenhower who let 1-2 million German POW's die of disease, starvation and exposure in POW Camps after the close of hostilities. But hey...what about those "ovens"..."lamp shades made of Jewish skin" and all of those "Gas Chambers"? Well...I'm 64 years old and have been told throughout my life that 6 million Jewish people died during their particular "Holocaust". The world was told that out of those 6 million deaths, 4 million of them occurred at Auschwitz. Those lies are still spread across the globe and reinforced through television, books and film. The only problem is that when the Soviet Union fell, and Poland regained their freedom...they turned Auschwitz into a sort of tourist attraction, and they let in researchers to review the records. It turns out that their death counts were so off the mark, they had to change the plaque in front of Auschwitz and reduce the number of dead. In fact, they have had to adjust down the death count several times, each time replacing the plaque. The plaque now reads that about 1.5 million died in the camp, and that includes Gypsies, Poles and other undesirables of the era. I wonder where the other 2.5 million Jewish deaths occurred if the "4 million at Auschwitz" wasn't true? So beside the fact that WW II carried many more "Holocausts"...and people such as The Russians endured a much harsher "Holocaust"...for some reason we can only focus on The Nazis and their targeting of Jewish people? Perhaps that is because without their "Holocaust"...Israel would have never existed. All one need do is read articles and advertisements from the 1890's and through WW I to see the use of the "6 million" propaganda, well before the advent of WW II. Every person involved in the planning and execution of WW II were war criminals and sociopaths. From Prescott Bush to FDR, from Churchill to Truman...they fought for wealth, power and Empire...so that they could control the world. That was a holocaust.

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