All military conflicts are a War on Terror waged against humanity. The Project for a New American Century was designed by misanthropic pyschopaths who would not hesitate to slaughter billions in order to ensure that a handful of "transnationalist financiers" secure control of all resources.

What we're witnessing now is a continuation of 9/11 which was followed by the 2008 financial crash devastating the middle-class, however, quantitative easing enabled segments of the ruling elite to become even richer. Obama's Citigroup gangster cabinet were experts at this type of financial prestidigitation. Not to mention, that Obama/Hillary magically turned two wars into seven.

That being said, the War on Humanity did not end with Obama but picked up Warpspeed with the Orangeman idiot via a scamdemic which was only contemplated during the "Hope and Change" presidency but became reality in 2019.

Dopey Trump went along with the insidious lockdowns which once again devastated workers and transferred trillions in middle-class wealth to billionaires. Not to mention, the toxic experimental mRNA gene therapy jabs mandated on the world's population by Creep Joe.

However, the war on humanity did not stop there as hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainian and Russian soldiers were the next victims in a meat grinder ground war. And this doesn't include the millions who were displaced. Of course, the usual ruling elite bankers, and arms merchants made a financial killing feasting on the blood of the powerless.

However, Ukraine was just an hors d'oeuvres the main course might take place in the Middle East where nutty Netanyahu is purposely allowed to be a barbaric bull in a China shop.

Btw, is China an adversary of the Global transnationalist financiers, or does China represent the "model" surveillance technocracy that the trillion dollar asset management firm ghouls want to implement in the West.

If China was actually a foe of Global Empire wouldn't they have sent a ton of arms to Russia to fight Ukraine? And if Russia was truly an adversary of the Empire would they be selling it Uranium? 🤔

The numerous contradictions are overwhelming. Nonetheless, what is significant is the overriding theme that clearly says: genocide is an acceptable strategy for sustaining Global Empire.

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good analysis, I concur.

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The ghouls can't resist the taste of fresh blood.

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Also, more specifically....

(Some overlap to my previous comment)...

The vast majority of humans will never connect the dots between mutilating children's bodies and minds and the normalisation of violence and atrocity in a culture...


"Cansever describes a study of the psychology of boys circumcised between the ages of 4 and 7 both before and after the surgery, based on various methods of psychological examination, and reports the following trends among the subjects.

- lower IQ as measured 7 days after the operation

- infantile regression of drawings and expressed wishes

- greater measured levels of aggression

- new fears and anxieties

- weaker control over primitive impulses to the point of maladaption

- greater aggression towards their mothers

- withdrawal from human relationships and difficulty responding to demands of external world

- perceptions of having been castrated

It turns out that in 1961, the CIA had payed “Cansever” to study the effects of circumcision, and he found that it made boys dumber, more infantile, more fearful, and more aggressive, with less control over their base instincts and a healthy dose of aggression towards the most significant female figure in their lives, their mothers. If the findings of this study hold true for boys circumcised younger, it might suggest that the United States contains some 100+ million men who have been psychologically altered, from as early as infancy, to be stupider, to have lower impulse control, to tend towards aggression and violence, and to possess an instinctual distrust of women. Throw in the diminishing effects of circumcision on penile sensitivity and the consequent difficulties of sex and tendency towards paraphilias, and a picture begins to emerge of an organic golem that can be manipulated more easily by carrots and is less able to establish a normal, healthy relationship with a woman—splitting the family apart or preventing its formation has always been a goal of oppressive regimes, including the one that currently rules over the US.

Unfortunately for many of us, there exists, at this point, ample evidence that events in infancy can and do have measurable effects on the hindbrain, the part of our brain that drives instinctual, “gut” reactions and behavior. This is especially true when it comes to traumatic events that trigger stress hormones such as partial amputation of the penis, routinely performed at birth in this country. Although humans are cognizant of their lives, making behaviorism a dead area of psychology, it is still understood that instinctual behavior plays a role in decision-making, which is why propaganda and advertising are so widespread. How attached will men be to their women if they are surgically predisposed more to masturbate to pornography than to enjoy normal, PIV sex? Is it really a stretch to claim that enjoyment of sex is determined, in part, by the existing or removed enervation of the sex organ involved, and that this might have an effect on the interpersonal relationships of men and women across the country?

It is also worth noting that, according to Leonard Glick in Marked in Your Flesh, circumcision of gentiles is twice used in the Old Testament as a means of disfiguring humiliation and domination by Israelites, and it may still be interpreted as such by a certain religiously-minded tribe. I am not a mind-reader, and intelligent minds can differ on the motivations of various groups that encourage circumcision in the United States, but the historical context of mass, non-consensual circumcision of gentiles may be a clue as to what is going on here."

Link to PDF:




Circumcision: the human rights violation hiding in plain sight:



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Indeed... And it ALL begins here.... now...

I have posted the following elsewhere and repeatedly.... and will likely continue to do so ... Please take what you like and leave the rest...



"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

~ Krishnamurti


"We are faced with a breakdown of general social order and human values that threatens stability [and survival] throughout the world. Existing knowledge cannot meet this challenge. Something much deeper is needed, a completely new approach. I am suggesting that the very means by which we try to solve our problems is the problem. The source of our problems is within the structure of thought itself."

~ David Bohm (1981)


NOTHING will change fundamentally, until we fundamentally change the way we perceive and treat children. Until then, we will continue to see childhood adversity re-enacted upon EVERY aspect of society.

Furthermore, #childhood #adversity more often than not consists of imposing utterly INSANE societal standards of "normalcy" on children, to which they MUST conform, in order to survive, at a time when they are too young to understand and reject the madness being imposed on them.

The "masses" are essentially clueless and unaware of their own conditioning...

It will never end... as long as we continue to raise children with violence... however subtle and insidious or well-intentioned, ie violence in the name of "discipline", "religion/tradition", "preventative health care" or "protection"....



Aware Parenting website:

"It is paradoxical, yet true:

Children are the most

in need of loving attention,

when they act the least deserving of it."

~ Aletha Solter



“The total neglect or trivialization of the childhood factor operative in the context of violence and the way it evolves in early infancy sometimes leads to explanations that are not only unconvincing and abortive but actively deflect attention away from the genuine roots of violence."

~ Alice Miller

Full article 👇🏼




"What kind of a society is it, that does NOT place the Children's Fire at the very centre of its institutions of power?

It's an INSANE society!"

~ Tim "Mac" Macartney


Please Watch this Video presentation:




Why males are more violent:




Eric Clopper and Dr Denniston ... #circumcision




Dissolving my vaxxed illusions:




The Medical Mafia (2002)

~ Ghislaine Lanctôt

Direct link to PDF file: 👇🏼



Paul Valery declared “War is a place where young people who don’t know each other kill each other, based on decisions made by old people, who know each other and hate each other, but don’t kill each other.”


Harry Patch, last surviving soldier of WW1, who died in 2009, bravely said “War is organised murder and nothing else”.


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all fear porn. to test the gullibility of the masses. there are no nukes and if there were. does being afraid help any? the fact the useless,self serving govt has done zero about WEF and its desire for control tells all anyone needs to know that its all planned destruction of the common people. what the psychopaths believe will happen if they achieve their desired state of control is absurd. they desire to be kings of the hill. but are unable to function or survive on their own. as someone stated the covidiocy hoax was an IQ test and the masses prove they lack any discernable IQ. loss of jobs,income etc etc still has not roused anyone to start revolts worldwide. no arrests of big pharma executives either. that psycho claws schlob manages to be protected when he needs a visit from a wet team along with his sychophants. the perfect picture here is H.G.Wells time machine. its the simple minded eloi against the morlocks. humanity is definitely devolving.

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It is quite disappointing to ear health ranger blame the poverty on the overprinting of money.

The elephant in the room is the billionaires, something which never existed before 2000.

The fact is that if money have disappeared from people’s pockets is because billionaires are stilling them and keeping them in banks which pays them even more money as interests for keeping their assets frozen.

This generates a spiral which sucks the blood out humanity.

About operation cov ID19 , Read free my book “letters from the edge of dystopia” here on substack.

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False flag? Never forget 1967 SS Liberty.

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